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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crochet and starting this again

Ok, here we go again. Will try to keep this up to date. I can not seem to post here regularly. LOL
Here is what has been happening in my life since the last time I posted.
Late last year my husband received a phone call stating that his mom had a stroke and was in the hospital and not expected to make it. We arranged to have him fly out to Arizona to help take care of her. What started out to be a 3 week trip ended up being a 3 month trip. His office had him stay there to do some work for them on the base there. His mom managed to pull through. When he left to come back home she was recovering. That trip ended up costing us nearly $6000!!!! While he was there we also had to pay to have my eldest son's wisdom teeth pulled. He had gotten to the point he could not even close his mouth or eat because it was so painful. He does not have any health or dental insurance. That was not cheap. But thank god Dave was there to help out.
Dave made it home in time for us to go to Garmisch for New Years. We had a great time. It is always so pretty there. I love going to that area. I got loads of wonderful winter photos. It was a nice time together. We needed it to recover from the trip to Az.
We had a few months of quiet before we recieved another phone call from his cousin, in the middle of the night. Dave's mom was back in the hospital. She had actually made it back home for a few weeks after spending about 3 months in the hospital. But they put her back in again because she was having breathing difficulties and thought she might have pneumonia. But she went downhill really fast. My youngest son had just been to see her in the care home about 3 days before this and said she was doing really good, talking, eating, and even doing a little bit of walking with help. When they got her in the hospital they found out she had leukemia and sepsis. We were able to talk to her on the phone for a minute that night but we could hardly understand her, she sounded really bad, but she asked for Dave to hurry home. We hung up the phone and went back to bed and about 2 hours later we received another phone call stating that she had just passed away. It happened April 6th over a holiday weekend. We spent the whole weekend trying to arrange a emergency trip back to arizona. They would not pay for a ticket for me so my folks helped me out with that. I flew out about a week after him. I had to arrange for the dogs to be kenneled and for the car to be parked in long term storage. We were both there for 3 weeks trying to get her estate cleaned up and close up her house. We did not do it. Ugh!!! She had soooooo much stuff in her place. She had a living trust but she really did not fill it out with everything. So the best we could do was tear through her place and find anything that we wanted to keep and put that in a storage unit till we get back to the US. We left the house a huge mess. I hated doing that but there was nothing we could do about it. We had to get back to Germany. So Dave's cousin, Bud, is going to do the rest of the sorting out. We put the house on the market but I doubt that it will sell, it needs too much work and she owes too much on her reverse mortgage. We will probably end up just foreclosing on it.

Now we just spoke to the boys and found out that Rob is moving out of the condo that he shares with his brother and two other guys. They are all going to have to move out now as the lease is in Rob's name and it is up. Which means Chris is now homeless. Rob is going to move in with his best friends dad, as he will not charge him any rent and he is trying to save money. He and Ray are planning on moving out to College Station, Tx the beginning of August and they need some savings. But Chris can only affoard to pay $200 a month in rent. So he and Rob had a blow up. But Rob wants to get on with his life and grow up and quit partying and such. We told Chris he could temporarily live in Grandma's place till he can find a new place. But I am worried about him. Ugh!!!

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