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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope everyone has a enjoyable New Years. We are just going to stay home and watch the fireworks from our bedroom windows. Everyone shoots off fireworks here. The valley is usually covered in smog and smoke by the time they are done.
My resolution this year is to finally get to wear my size 12 pants. I also want to start and finish the cookbooks I have promised everyone for years!! I think we have finally realized that we will not be out of here till the end of this tour. But Dave will still be putting in for some selective positions if he finds one he likes.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Layout

Good Evening. I hope everyone is ready for Christmas. I think I have all my shopping done for hubby. I just need to make a trip down to the post office on Friday as both of us are waiting on a gift for each other.
Here are a couple pictures of me at the top of Zugspitze in Garmisch, Germany. It was white out conditions the day we went up there. I was a little bit disappointed that we did not get the great views but I still had a blast! I love winter.

I also worked on a couple of scrapbook pages while being snowed in here. We have had sooo much snow here this past week. One day we woke up to a foot and a half of it on top of what was there.
Here are a couple of pics of that at my house.

Here are the pictures of the pages I worked on

They are of a couple of photos I took the first time we lived here in Germany. I loved the door. It made me think of a hobbit door.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

De's blog candy

De, if you are reading this I just mailed your bog candy. Sorry it took so long to get it mailed but life just seems to get in the way sometimes. lol

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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Wow! It has been snowing here all day yesterday and it is still snowing this morning!!!! Heavy!
I am up early because we are doing a trip to the swarovski crystal house today. Need to be ready by 8:30.
I had a great time yesterday going up to the zugspitze.
I never had a chance to finish that post while up in Garmisch. I will post more about it later and add a bunch of photos.
I just wanted to post a card I made today. I used my imagine for all of it except the text. Think it turned out really cute.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well, we. made it ok yesterday afternoon. The roads were pretty clear up until you pass through the tunnel leading from Switzerland. I saw snow on the sides of the roads all the way to here. Some was heavier than others. It is so pretty here. I am sitting here eating breakfast and watching it gently snow out the windows. We were able to upgrade our room to a junior sweet. It is huge and has a great view of the mountains. The darn room has two bathrooms!!! lol We are planning on doing the round trip ride to the Zugspitze and back today. That should be a awesome trip.
Well, need to get back to the room and get stuff together. More later. ((((hugs)))))

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scary drive home

Wow!!!! That was a hair raising drive home tonight. It snowed last night about 4", by morning it was really icey as well. To get to work we had to de ice the car. Down the mountain all day today it rained. But as we started up the mountain this evening it changed to nasty wet snow. About a couple of miles from the house we were following behind a bus around a windy road, it started to slip, and skid around the corner. So since we were having to slow down we also started to slip and skid. I was certain he was going to put the bus on it's side in the ditch. But to my surprise he pulled it out. We put the FJ into 4 wheel drive and managed to go on about a mile. As we were going up another hill to get to the house we came upon a car stopped in the middle of the road on the uphill side!!! So we started to skid backwards because we had to stop, but were not stopping!!! It was at a 4 way intersection so there were cars all over the place slipping and skidding. You could hear the wheels spinning going wzzzzzzzz because they were trying to get traction. But thank goodness we made it home ok. The salt trucks had not been out yet obviously. We are supposed to get another 2-4" on top of the 4" that is already on the ground.
And it is STILL snowing! Dave has been out twice to shovel off the back porch so the dogs can go out. At this rate Dave is not going in to work tomorrow.
I went into work with him today so I could go get my nails done. First time I have had tips put on in years. I had French tips put on and on each pinky finger she drew a tiny white flower and put a pink jewel in the center. They look pretty!!! lol I also found some cuddl duds and some nice thick gloves.I could not find a wicking base layer of pants any where!!! I look every where I could find. Dave got himself a av reciever for the TV and speakers in the living room.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010


Good Evening. I am finally sitting down after a busy weekend. We got up this weekend and took the car down to the car wash, to wash off all the salts that they put on the roads in the winter. We drove back home in a block of ice!!! haha The water froze on the car after we washed it. We then went to a Christmas market in Limburg. It was a small market very nicely put together. We had a great day. I had currywurst and French fries there for lunch. I was kicking myself all day though. I forgot to put my memory card in my camera. I have never done that before. It is usually my husband who does that. I managed to pick up a few stocking stuffers while there. I also found some red and green cardstock in a store called Kardstadt.

Dave dropped the packages into the mail on Friday. We spent $160.00 on shipping for all of them!!!!!

Today I cleaned house most of the day. Tonight I made hamburger stew for dinner. It was really good.

We have a lot to do this week to get ready for our trip to Garmisch on Saturday. Wednesday I have an appointment to get my nails done. I am also going to stop by the sports store on base and see if they have any base layer pants and socks. I do not have any and would like some to wear while up there. Thursday I have to make sure all the laundry is done. Friday I need to pack. I hope our new suitcases are here by then. We also have to drop the dogs off at the kennel. Then I want to pack the car that night so Saturday we are not running around like chickens with our heads cut off!!! haha. I need to assemble all my camera gear and my net book, so I can download my pics to it. I will also take my iPad.

I am posting a couple of pics from the Christmas market on Saturday.

It was really cold. I sure look like the pilsbury dough girl!!!! haha

I really like Limburg as it still has the old timber style buildings in the old town section. They are all leaning this way and that.

This is the old original church. It is sooo pretty.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas tree lights

Ugh!!! I just spent an hour and a half fiddling with the lights for the tree. I could not figure out how to get a closed loop of lights wrapped around the darn tree. I had them wrapped around me, the tree, the dogs and anything else that got in my way. I kept thinking of the cartoons where the dad is trying to light the tree and ends up in a tangle!!! lol Plus the tree is 7' tall!!! I could not reach the top. I will have to wait till Dave gets home from work to figure out the tree.
Guess I will go and work on some scrap stuff. THAT I can do. ha ha

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Dang! It is hard to believe that it is the 1st of December. What the heck happened to the year? Seems that it was just summer a couple of weeks ago and BOOM we are in Winter and looking at years end. I have really missed my boys this year. This was a year of sadness and a few laughs. I lost someone precious to me. But it also enabled me to realize that I do have a great family.

I started getting out and assembling all my Christmas decorations. Dave helped me to put the tree together and pull down a few Christmas boxes. Now I plan on decorating the tree and getting everything else set up. This is my favorite time of the year. Just sitting here looking at my Christmas decoration boxes, some of them have 2,3 and sometimes 4 moving stickers on them. They have followed me around the world and back!

We usually are the ones to supply stocking stuffers for my mother in law and kids back in the states. We are so behind on that. I need to scrounge the house to see what I have that I can use to at least fill my MIL's stocking. We will send money to each of the boys to get each other stocking stuffers.

I am going to find some time to do some crafting today. I was too busy yesterday cleaning, doing laundry, and addressing Christmas cards. Not sure what I will work on but I will try to find sone time to play down there. I might play with my new corner punches from Kreaxions. Found them at the Christmas market we went to this past weekend.

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