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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scary drive home

Wow!!!! That was a hair raising drive home tonight. It snowed last night about 4", by morning it was really icey as well. To get to work we had to de ice the car. Down the mountain all day today it rained. But as we started up the mountain this evening it changed to nasty wet snow. About a couple of miles from the house we were following behind a bus around a windy road, it started to slip, and skid around the corner. So since we were having to slow down we also started to slip and skid. I was certain he was going to put the bus on it's side in the ditch. But to my surprise he pulled it out. We put the FJ into 4 wheel drive and managed to go on about a mile. As we were going up another hill to get to the house we came upon a car stopped in the middle of the road on the uphill side!!! So we started to skid backwards because we had to stop, but were not stopping!!! It was at a 4 way intersection so there were cars all over the place slipping and skidding. You could hear the wheels spinning going wzzzzzzzz because they were trying to get traction. But thank goodness we made it home ok. The salt trucks had not been out yet obviously. We are supposed to get another 2-4" on top of the 4" that is already on the ground.
And it is STILL snowing! Dave has been out twice to shovel off the back porch so the dogs can go out. At this rate Dave is not going in to work tomorrow.
I went into work with him today so I could go get my nails done. First time I have had tips put on in years. I had French tips put on and on each pinky finger she drew a tiny white flower and put a pink jewel in the center. They look pretty!!! lol I also found some cuddl duds and some nice thick gloves.I could not find a wicking base layer of pants any where!!! I look every where I could find. Dave got himself a av reciever for the TV and speakers in the living room.

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De said...

The snow sounds scary.... there's been floods here

Michelle said...

De, make sure you stay high and dry!!! Have a great day.

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