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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crochet and tags

I have been super busy lately. I have been making a bunch of tags. I had to wait to bag them up till today. I had to order more. I think I should get even more. I ordered 100 clear bags and had to use 54 of the ones that came in today. Lol I have tons that I need to photograph. I finally opened my Etsy store and have a few things up there but need to get a lot more up. I had made a BUNCH of orders over the past week or so and finally recieved 15 packages!!!! It was like Christmas. hahaha It was a lot of stuff I had been waiting on. I ordered a bunch of different colors of crochet thread to use for my tags instead of twine. It is much cheaper. Loads of pretty colors. :-)

I also was able to finally teach myself how to crochet. At least the basic stitch. hahaha I am making a blanket for hubby. So it is going to be 55" wide and who knows how long. hahaha I have 6 inches in length crocheted right now. I want to try to learn another stitch so it will not be just one stitch.

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Friday, July 29, 2011


I bought a teach yourself how to crochet kit. It finally arrived in the mail yesterday. I want to try to make a blanket for my husband for Christmas. If I can learn I can work on it during the day while he is at work. But I sure wish I knew someone who could help me out if I have questions or problems. I need to pick up a light colored skine of yarn so I can start next week. Wish me luck!!!! hahaha

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Busy with Tags

Oh boy! I have been busy making tags to add to my collection of stuff to sell at bazzaars when we get back to the states. I have also ordered some bookmark tassels and sleeves so I can make bookmarks.
Here are photos of what tags I have made so far. Hope you like them.


Wow, I have been busy. Each bag has 4 tags. I am going to make many, many more. :-)

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Cards

I have a bunch more new cards for you to take a look at. I hope you like them. I have also started to make sets of gift tags to sell as well. I will post some photos of those next week.

We went and saw the last Harry Potter movie last night. It was very good. Tied up all the loose ends very well. Geese those movies have been around for a long ti e. Some of the kids that were coming out of the theater had not even been born yet when the first movie was released!!!! hahaha

I am sitting here in my kitchen waiting for country style hash browns to cook while posting this! hahaha Breakfast Yum!! It is also wet and rainy here today. Ick!!!!

Do you ever remember your dreams you had at night? I woke up to a very detailed and odd dream this morning. I dreamt I was in Hawaii and some one was going to show me how to scuba dive. I remember telling the person that I know you had to wear surf mocs because the lava crusts in the sand are super sharp and cut your feet. They then told me I had to remove all my jewelry and rings and such. I remember the feel of the sand as I sat to put my wet suit on. I remember thinking that Dave (my husband) and the boys were at the house. I woke up as I was getting ready to put my suit on. I remember I had some sort of kids sand bucket and little shovel with me to take under the water with me. This was just odd. I have not thought about anything to do with the beach in years!!! hahaha

All of the elements from this card are from my Cricut except the flowers. They are Prima.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hey there, I know it has been a while since I last posted. I just have not felt up to it. I have had a lot on my plate lately. We finally got renters in our place in Mississippi. Yippie!!!! So at least that payment is covered. So, it looks like I will not have to move out there early after all. Now we just need to find out if they are going to offer us a two year extension here. I think it might be best for us to stay here if they do offer it. It would allow us to put a bit more money into savings. If they do not offer it, this time next year I could be back in our place there in Mississippi.
I have a bunch of new cards to show you that I have been working on. I think some of them turned out really cute. The first set was all made using a freebie kit I got in with one of my Scrapbooking magazine I get from England.

The flowers on this one are by Prima.

The cream border on this one is by Martha Stewart.

I embossed the background one this one with my cuttlebug.

This one is completely made with my E2 and CCR. The card base is from elegant edges, I welded two shapes together to make the card. The curious are from the wild west cart. I think this one turned out really cute.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

25th Anniversary

Wow! Hubby spoilt me yesterday. He gave me a white gold, diamond and opal anniversary ring, some new perfume, and a HUGE bunch of flowers. They smell wonderful! The whole house smells. We then went on base and had dinner and a movie. Taco Bell and Hanna. Haha I gave him a silver ID bracelet with his name engraved on it and a silver tie bar with his initials engraved on it as well.
Here are some photos:

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Well, I have started to pack up and organize my scrap room. I am not sure if I am going to have go. Between you, me and the wall; I think I am going to have to. I do not want to have to go back early but someone has to take care of the house. It can not sit empty for a long period of time. I just made an appointment for the dogs to get their rabies shots up to date. They will have to come with me. I think I get 500 lbs of stuff I can bring with me. I was packing a bunch of my scrapstuff up so I will have something to do while out there. I am trying to also sort out linens, and a few pieces of furniture to take as well. We have our bedroom suite in storage along with all the appliances, and yard tools. So I will have to arrange to have that delivered when I get out there. I will also have to look for a car when I get there. But I will only have about $5000 to spend on one. I am going to have use the inheritance I get from my Grandad to get that and give up on getting a iMac. :-( I will also have to look for work when I get there. This is not going to be very fun. It would be the first Christmas I have spent away from Dave since we got married. 

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Monday, June 20, 2011

House and Az fire

It is looking more and more like I may have to fly back to the MS house in a couple of months. If we do not get any renters in it we can not just let it sit empty for 9 months. It is not what I really want to do but....if I have to I have to. We may try and bring our youngest son over here while I am gone to help my husband prepare for the move back to MS next summer since I would not be here to help. I would not have much furniture to live with while there. Only what we have in storage and I may be able to get the gov to ship about 500 lbs of stuff from here to MS. So that would have to be any scrap stuff I want, towels, sheets, any dishes that we could split up and any winter clothes that I would need.Ugh!!!! So much to think about.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Cards

Here are a few new cards that I have been working on. I hope you like them. The first one is a sympathy card I made for a fiends who's mother just died. I used my Imagine and the French Manor cart to cut out the bird and the branch. The pink flower is by Prima and I colored it using my Cherry Blossom glimmer mist.

The bird cage was cut using my Imagine and a Cricut cart. Not sure which one though. lol The flowers are Prima. The paper is from a paper pack is from Craftworkcards and it is the botanical collection. It is from England.

I love the colors of this one. The butterfly is by Jolees.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Family squabbles

Don't you just love them? I called my MIL last night to check on her because of the fire in Sierra Vista and to let her know that we put her birthday package in the mail. All she did was yell at me because my youngest owes her $200 for two months rent. She called them trash. That really hurt. Since she thinks they are trash that must mean I am trash as well because I raised them. Every time we call all she can do is bitch and complain. I hung up on her and went to bed in tears. My kids are good boys they just do not dance on attendance for her. Every one I talk to tells me that they have good manners. They are her damn can she say that about them? We have bent over backwards to help her over the years! I bet we have spent over $50 thousand on her or the house but did we get a single word of thanks? No. She has always belittled me over the years. I am so upset about this. I called my eldest, Rob last night and he was in the process of helping a friend's parents evacuate because of the Monument fire outside of Sierra Vista. My husband has a cousin that owns a house in the area that has been evacuated. We are not sure of the status of it yet.
And to top it off my Mom is in the hospital to repair a botched knee replacement that she had done two years to the day ago. I worry about her. She does not do well with the anesthesia or pain meds. She starts talking gibberish, drops off to sleep in the middle of a word or forgets everything. It is almost like she has alzhiemers. So I am worried about her as well.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feeling Blue

Just been sitting here thinking that we have never had friends close enough to give us any birthday parties or anniversary parties. :-( Just feeling kinda lonely today. Our 25th anniversary is the 22nd and we do not know anyone here to invite over so we could have a party to celebrate. It has been like that all my life. I guess I am not very friendly or something. This is what comes from being on the move so often. I have never been invited to any parties. I have tons of scrapbook supplies that I would love to be able to share with friends. The closest friends I have are old high school friends and they are not all that close. The only person I really talk to often is my Mom. I try to call her every other day. Just feeling kinda sad today. I guess most people do not like me. I would love to have a close girlfriend that I can share giggles and laughs or even tears with. It comes from not liking going out and trying to make friends because I do not like rejection so it is a catch 22. I am just afraid people will not like me. I just want to get back to the US so at least I can be in the same country as my old high school friends and can call them with out waking them up in the middle of the night.
If I died do I have anyone besides Dave and my mother who would care? I slowly realize this as I sit here with tears slowly slipping down my face. No, I do not have anyone who would. I do not think that even my kids would. I am just tired of being alone.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Castle Pics and mail haul

Here are a couple of photos that I took the other day on our ride along the Rhine river. It is a famous area for all kinds of castles. It is a really pretty area.

Here are photos of my mail haul today. I got in all my smash book stuff!!!! I also got a box of K&company supplies. I love their Abrinna(sp) line and the watercolor line. The colors are really bright. Some of my favorite colors are in that line. I just need to figure out what to make with all that stuff. Any suggestions???? Haha

I will sit down tomorrow and pull out all my souvenirs and stuff I have been saving to put into a scrapbook.

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Monday, May 30, 2011


I am sitting in the sunshine eating a huge bag of fresh cherries. Yum! We are in Lemler, I think. LOL It is right on the edge of Rhine river. It is a great day for a ride on the bike. Sunshine and cool breezes. The cherries are wonderfully sweet Just have to remember to keep my fingers off my WHITE tshirt!!!! I would end up with red splotches everywhere. Back on the bike.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Neat Idea!

I was just sitting here reading through my new Creative Cardmaking magazine from England when I stumbled across a really neat idea. I am always wondering how I could stamp or print on vellum and not have it smear. Well, I found a way!!! Stamp the image using any ink that stays wet then you could either sprinkle clear or colored embossing powder on the image. Then use your heat gun to set it!!! I can see all kinds of uses for this idea. You could stamp text with black ink and then use clear embossing powder on it, then you could use that on a card if you wanted the paper's design to show through. Here is a quick photo of what it would look like embossed.

I think that would look really pretty!
Here are also a couple of cards I have finished. All images were cut using my new E2. I used French Manor for the peacock and the word Merci. I used Mini Monsters for the little monster. I attached him to the card using a wobble, so that when you tap him, he jiggles!!!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

E2 Arrived!!!!

Here is a photo of my new E2. Yippie!!! It is sooooo pretty. This is also a photo of my Imagine, my Pazzles, and my E2. Grin I am so lucky to be able to own these great cutting machines. But I sure wish I had some friends that I could share them with. Maybe when I get back to the states.

Here is also a photo of my SUPER messy desk. I think I need to do some major clean up!!!! LOL

I tried to make an appointment today to get a refill on my ADD meds but the soonest I can get one is June 13. Yikes!! I only have enough meds to last till Thursday. I need to talk to the doc about changing my perscription. It is costing me $400 a month for those damn things!!!!! They took my number and said something about setting up a teleconference to talk with a doc on another base. I will call back tomorrow to see what they have to say.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good news and bad news

First the good news. It arrived!!!! It arrived!!! My pazzle finally got here yesterday. Yippie!!! I got it set up last night. And started cutting this morning. I am going to love this thing if only I can get it to cut through my card stock.

Now the bad news. We just got a bill from the gov for over $6000!!!!!! They say they overpaid Dave last year. They either want it all at once or in biweekly payments. SHIT!!!! There goes my inheritance from my Grandad. We could not afford to do the payments. And to top it off our renters came back and told us that even with the reduction in rent they can not afford to rent our place anymore. So now we are back to having to find renters for our place in MS. Damn!!! When it rains it flippin well pours with us. I was sitting here in tears this morning. It is just getting to be too much. Wish we were back in the US!!!!!!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pazzle and Gazzy frustration

I ordered a Pazzle well over a month ago. It is still not here. I have a tracking number and it has said it left New Jersey for me on the 25th of April. It has not since then. I keep trying get the company to track it down and they keep telling me that they have spoke to someone and it is still in transit (duh!) and they can not do anything about it until 45 days have passed. But they are getting ready to charge my card for the second monthly payment and I do not have my cutter. I am totally frustrated. I really want a cutter that cuts bigger than my Silhouette. I also have a Gazzle on layaway with someone else and I have not heard back from her in awhile and yet she had charged my card for that as well. I just can not seem to win!!! My mom mailed me my new E2 to me yesterday at least. So I KNOW I will be getting that! I just want a cutter that will cut svg files I have been collecting. I am nearly in tears because I am so frustrated.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Frankfurt Zoo and New Cards

I had a enjoyable weekend. We took the train from Wiesbaden to Frankfurt to the Zoo on Saturday. We had a really good day for it. The sun was shining nearly all day. We did get a couple of drops of rain later in the day but other than that it was gorgeous. I really enjoy riding the train. It is fun to people watch. :-) I packed a nice lunch of sandwiches and fresh strawberries in Dave's backpack for us to eat. It was nice to sit down mid day and take a break. Lol It had been awhile since I had taken my camera out for any photos. I had to remember to do stuff on it. My first few photos were not very good. hahaha I will be posting a photo of the trip on each of my posts for a while. I still need to sit and edit most of my pics I took. But I did do a few.
I am also posting a few of my cards I have been working on.

And one more for a bit. :-)

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