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Monday, June 20, 2011

House and Az fire

It is looking more and more like I may have to fly back to the MS house in a couple of months. If we do not get any renters in it we can not just let it sit empty for 9 months. It is not what I really want to do but....if I have to I have to. We may try and bring our youngest son over here while I am gone to help my husband prepare for the move back to MS next summer since I would not be here to help. I would not have much furniture to live with while there. Only what we have in storage and I may be able to get the gov to ship about 500 lbs of stuff from here to MS. So that would have to be any scrap stuff I want, towels, sheets, any dishes that we could split up and any winter clothes that I would need.Ugh!!!! So much to think about.

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