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Saturday, October 17, 2009


I am soooo flippin bored already!!!!!!And I do not leave until the 25th!!!! There really is nothing to do in this house. My mil has the only tv with cable on in her living room. ugh!!!! I have read 1 book already and only have a couple more to read. Wish I could just sleep my way through the resr of this stay. LOL

Friday, October 16, 2009

What a nightmare!!!

Ugh!!! I am famous for having trips from hell. And this has been another. Get to the vets and I found out thaqt they had thier rabies shots and the chip put the wrong order. So they have to have another set of rabies shots. Then I find out that the paperwork can not be faxed to Phoenix. It has to be mailed. And THEN the 72 working hour turn around time starts! There is NO way for me to get the paperwork for them back before I have to fly out with them. So I had to pay $280.00 more to get my flight pushed back. So now I do not leave until next Sunday!!!!! I had to pay $145.00 to the vets for their rabies shots and stuff. Then I have to go to the post office and pay to get the paperwork overnighted to the USDA offices in Phoneix and pay to have them overnighted back to me AND send them a check out to pay for the certificates. That was 68.00. So damn!!! This trip is getting expensive!!!!
I have also found out that our home owners insurance will be canceled today. Our current one will not cover the house being turned into a rental place with a pool. So just like that they are going to drop us!!!!! Just a one day notice! And we have been good paying customers. Never late. Have never put in a claim. Damn! Now we have to find insurance really quickly so it does not sit without any. I just want to dig a hole and disappear! When it rains it pours!!!!!!
I just want to get home!!!! Want this all to go away! Grrrrrrr I am upset.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Frankfurt Airport

I am now sitting in the Frankfurt airport, waiting to board.:-) Made it through secrurity. Had to take just about everything off!!!! Thank god I am only using my biggest purse as a carry on. I was a bit nervous because I could not find my offical passport this am and had to travel on my tourist one. It did not have any visas or stamps in it. Thought they might not let me on the flight. But thank god there was no problem.
I already paid for the dogs tickets when I checked in so that is one last thing I will have to do on my way back. Rob said that he and Ray would be waiting at the Tucson AP to pick me up and take me home. Looking forward to seeing the kids. It will be the last time for at least a year.
Dave just told me that we are going to have to pay a expensive house insuarance bill because the house has a pool and we are turning it into a rental. Ouch! Damn! Thought we were going to see the end of some of the bills! Not yet I guess!

Monday, October 12, 2009

All Packed and ready

Ok I am ready and all packed up. Not looking forward to the long flight though. Ugh!!! My suitcase is all packed and kinda heavy. LOL Picked up a few bags of gummies and some chocolates for the kids. Got my MIL a really pretty lace bookmark. And Dave's cousin a bag of good german coffee. Have to leave the house around 11 to make the flight on time.
Think I got the malware cleaned off my pc but the display is still not quite right but I ran out of time to continue to work on it.
I am looking forward to seeing the kids. And getting the dogs back. Just not to see my MIL. She just does not make me feel really welcome in the house. Does nothing special when I come. Does not go out of her way to help me out or anything. Oh well.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Malware and laundry home from the job fair yesterday and sat down at my desktop pc to surf the net. Noticed that the pc was running a bit slow so I rebooted. Well it would not start up properly. Kept giving me all kinds or errors dll errors. So I have spent the past day and a half working on this darn thing. It only boots up in safe made completely. I found a site that is ehlping me through this but it takes hours to run some of these scans. darn frustrating.
Also have been doing laundry so I can get packed up for my trip to the US on Tuesday. We still need to run out and get some gummies and things for the boys on Monday, so I can finish up packing.
How much do you want to bet that my lazy kids have not bathed the dogs the whole time they have been watching them??? Or even brushed out Piper's fur. Lazy sods! LOL

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cricut and laziness!

Well...I finally heard back about my cricut! They are sending me another new one!!! Yippiee!! It is in the mail right now and I hope to have it once I get back from my trip to Az. Not looking forward to the longggg flights! I hate flying by myself! But hey guess I have to look at this as an adventure! LOL What kind of trouble can I get into by myself??? LOL Probably LOTS! Looking forward to seeing the kids and the dogs. That will be really nice. I need to pick up some packages of gummies to take back with me for them.
There is a job fair on base today. Dave helped me work on my resume and we are going up there to see if I can find some work. I am starting to go a little stir crazy. Since I do not have a car I am stuck at the house allllll day long. And I have not been out of the house in over a week! Yuck!
I have been just too lazy to do any scrappin lately. I really want to but it just seems like too much effort to actually get started. But I know once I get going I will have fun. I am just too lazy to get my butt in gear and get started.
Woke up to thick fog this morning! It is still kinda hazy out there right now. I really like fall. The leaves around here changes so many different kinds of colors. It is the last bright colors before the whites and greys of winter.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Desktop PC

Yippie!!! I am back up and running on my desktop pc!!! Hubby took it in to get the new power supply installed yesterday! Thank god I ONLY blew up the power supply and not the whole darn unit! hahahaha
I was working on a bunch of cards yesterday. I print graphics and sentimates on the inside of the card before working on the outside of it and my darn printer ran out of ink! It is a Canon printer and the base PX does nto carry Canon ink. So I am without ink till I fly to the US on the 13th. Guess that also goes on my shopping list that I am taking with me! LOL
At least I got 7 cards printed I have that to work on before I fly out. Just need to figure out how I am going to decorate them. :-)
The mailman (my husband) came yesterday and brought a bunch of packages that I had ordered. I got a bunch of new pants and tops that I bought online at some sites clearance sales! Pretty colors! Just need to figure out what I am going to be packing with me to AZ. Checked the temps and it is still in the 80s there. So....guess it will be summer stuff! And I am sitting here wearing cords, a tshirt and a thick sweater! LOL
Did not hear back from Cricut yesterday about my baby. I will have to give them a call later today when they open to see what is going on. Hope it will be good news. Hope the saying no news is good news! LOL

Monday, October 5, 2009

My cricut died!

I think my cricut died! :-( wahhh...I tried to get it to cut something today and it would not cut properly. I have tried everything short of throwing it against the wall! LOL I finally broke down and called provo craft and Kevin walked me through a couple of steps and he said they might send me a new one! Yippie!!! He just has to talk to management to find out about shipping it to a APO address. They might not even make me send my old one back. Which would be cool. But in the meantime I am without my cricut! grumble grumble....
Called Mom today. She said she is going to do a bazzar just before Xmas. I told her I would make a bunch of cards for her to sell there as well. I need some ideas for some pretty thank you cards. And I will make a bunch of Xmas cards as well. What are some other good cards to make....does anyone put stuff on the inside of the cards?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not much accomplished today!

Well...did not get much accomplished today. Sat here in front of the pc most of the day flipping through photos on photo sites that I post to. I did get a few pics edited. I will post them on here. We also got up and went up on post to get the oil changed in the car. We were going to go out to the Hornbach ( a german Home Depot place) but found out that today is a holiday here in Germany and that all the shops are closed. Well....shucks! I needed to pick up a picture frame and 3 new flower pots. Will have to wait another day. I did find out that there is a shop on post that will look at my pc and install the new power supply. I am hoping that is all that is wrong with it. I blew out the power supply the first time I hooked it up here. I forgot to switch it over to 220 instead of 110. So I am hoping that I did not blow up the whole darn pc!!! LOL I really need that one. It has nearly 500 gigs worth of stuff on it! LOL

That is a antibellum home in Natchez, Mississippi. Took it before we moved this summer.

That is the sunset on the beach at Panama City, Florida. I took that on one of my trips to visit my folks this past summer.

This is a magnolia blossom that I did as a black and white photo.