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Friday, October 16, 2009

What a nightmare!!!

Ugh!!! I am famous for having trips from hell. And this has been another. Get to the vets and I found out thaqt they had thier rabies shots and the chip put the wrong order. So they have to have another set of rabies shots. Then I find out that the paperwork can not be faxed to Phoenix. It has to be mailed. And THEN the 72 working hour turn around time starts! There is NO way for me to get the paperwork for them back before I have to fly out with them. So I had to pay $280.00 more to get my flight pushed back. So now I do not leave until next Sunday!!!!! I had to pay $145.00 to the vets for their rabies shots and stuff. Then I have to go to the post office and pay to get the paperwork overnighted to the USDA offices in Phoneix and pay to have them overnighted back to me AND send them a check out to pay for the certificates. That was 68.00. So damn!!! This trip is getting expensive!!!!
I have also found out that our home owners insurance will be canceled today. Our current one will not cover the house being turned into a rental place with a pool. So just like that they are going to drop us!!!!! Just a one day notice! And we have been good paying customers. Never late. Have never put in a claim. Damn! Now we have to find insurance really quickly so it does not sit without any. I just want to dig a hole and disappear! When it rains it pours!!!!!!
I just want to get home!!!! Want this all to go away! Grrrrrrr I am upset.


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