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Monday, October 5, 2009

My cricut died!

I think my cricut died! :-( wahhh...I tried to get it to cut something today and it would not cut properly. I have tried everything short of throwing it against the wall! LOL I finally broke down and called provo craft and Kevin walked me through a couple of steps and he said they might send me a new one! Yippie!!! He just has to talk to management to find out about shipping it to a APO address. They might not even make me send my old one back. Which would be cool. But in the meantime I am without my cricut! grumble grumble....
Called Mom today. She said she is going to do a bazzar just before Xmas. I told her I would make a bunch of cards for her to sell there as well. I need some ideas for some pretty thank you cards. And I will make a bunch of Xmas cards as well. What are some other good cards to make....does anyone put stuff on the inside of the cards?


Erin Bassett said...

What great customer service!!

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