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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Desktop PC

Yippie!!! I am back up and running on my desktop pc!!! Hubby took it in to get the new power supply installed yesterday! Thank god I ONLY blew up the power supply and not the whole darn unit! hahahaha
I was working on a bunch of cards yesterday. I print graphics and sentimates on the inside of the card before working on the outside of it and my darn printer ran out of ink! It is a Canon printer and the base PX does nto carry Canon ink. So I am without ink till I fly to the US on the 13th. Guess that also goes on my shopping list that I am taking with me! LOL
At least I got 7 cards printed I have that to work on before I fly out. Just need to figure out how I am going to decorate them. :-)
The mailman (my husband) came yesterday and brought a bunch of packages that I had ordered. I got a bunch of new pants and tops that I bought online at some sites clearance sales! Pretty colors! Just need to figure out what I am going to be packing with me to AZ. Checked the temps and it is still in the 80s there. So....guess it will be summer stuff! And I am sitting here wearing cords, a tshirt and a thick sweater! LOL
Did not hear back from Cricut yesterday about my baby. I will have to give them a call later today when they open to see what is going on. Hope it will be good news. Hope the saying no news is good news! LOL


Pixiecatt said...

CHEEER!!!!!!!! Now if only mine wo9uld fix our hub so I can use my main puter.

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