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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Frankfurt Airport

I am now sitting in the Frankfurt airport, waiting to board.:-) Made it through secrurity. Had to take just about everything off!!!! Thank god I am only using my biggest purse as a carry on. I was a bit nervous because I could not find my offical passport this am and had to travel on my tourist one. It did not have any visas or stamps in it. Thought they might not let me on the flight. But thank god there was no problem.
I already paid for the dogs tickets when I checked in so that is one last thing I will have to do on my way back. Rob said that he and Ray would be waiting at the Tucson AP to pick me up and take me home. Looking forward to seeing the kids. It will be the last time for at least a year.
Dave just told me that we are going to have to pay a expensive house insuarance bill because the house has a pool and we are turning it into a rental. Ouch! Damn! Thought we were going to see the end of some of the bills! Not yet I guess!


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