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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Malware and laundry home from the job fair yesterday and sat down at my desktop pc to surf the net. Noticed that the pc was running a bit slow so I rebooted. Well it would not start up properly. Kept giving me all kinds or errors dll errors. So I have spent the past day and a half working on this darn thing. It only boots up in safe made completely. I found a site that is ehlping me through this but it takes hours to run some of these scans. darn frustrating.
Also have been doing laundry so I can get packed up for my trip to the US on Tuesday. We still need to run out and get some gummies and things for the boys on Monday, so I can finish up packing.
How much do you want to bet that my lazy kids have not bathed the dogs the whole time they have been watching them??? Or even brushed out Piper's fur. Lazy sods! LOL


Kwilt said...

I can feel your frustration! I have been dealing with a computer that reached its storage limits and it is soooooo slow. I'm in the process of transfering data to the new hard the thought process way to do it without spending lots of money. I'm fighting the urge to get a new computer! Just want this darn thing to "sing" when I turn it on! Best wishes on your computer project! Let's cross our fingers and hope everything works out.

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