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Monday, November 29, 2010

Good afternoon

I spent the day watching it snow. I bet we have 5" on the ground. Both hubby and I have been out twice sweeping and shoveling the walkway and 20 stairs!!! Ugh... And it is still snowing. Supposed to snow all week here.
I had to get up early this morning and go in with Dave. Piper had to go into the groomers and get cleaned up. He really needed it. I sat in the car for about a hour and a half waiting for the bookstore and the px to open. I picked up a couple of new Photoshop magazines in the bookstore. I then wandered into the px and found Dave a Christmas present. He has been collecting Mickey Mouse stuff for years. I found a Jim Shore Mickey Mouse carving for him.
I also worked in my scrap room and made a couple of scrapbook pages. They were taken as we were moving out of Hawaii and visited Diamond Head. I used the Imagine and my storybook cartridge to cut out the text. I also used Paper Doll Dress Up for the people and the palm tree and island.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

On the way!!!

Well, we are in the bus on our way to the Netherlands and Belgium. It is snowy out today. The temp on the bus says it is -1c outside!!! Everything looks really pretty outside. I love going to the Christmas markets. This is one of my favorite times during the year. The evergreen pines with the snow laying gently on the branches, the wonderful smells, and sights. Winter seems to have hit early this year. Last year we did not see snow until into the middle of Janurary.
The sun is just starting to come up. It is really pretty as it hits the new fallen snow. All the cars on the road have their snow blankets on the top of the roofs. I like when you look across the valley and all the hills and valleys are coveted in snow. It so makes me think of the holidays.
I have my camera with me and promise to get a bunch of photos to post.
Everyone have a great day!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Hey it is snowing!!! Our first snowfall of the season. Well, it is just a wintery mix. But it does have snowflakes mixed in with it. It will not stick there ground is too wet. Just had to announce it. hahaha

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog Candy Winner!!!!

I finally got around to getting my husband to draw a name for the blog candy......drumroll......De has won my blog candy give away. If you will contact me with your shipping info I will get these in the mail. Congrats!!! Hope you enjoy them.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Cards

Well, I managed to get my imagine understood to get a couple of cards made today. I also spent most of the day cleaning up my scrap room. I have ADD and I lose things really easy. It drives me nuts. So I needed to clean things up a bit. If I lay something down for a minute and then come back to it, I have no idea what I did with it. Or if I am trying to work on something I get distracted and sidetracked really easy. I sometimes just catch myself staring into space not doing anything. I am on some meds but I do not think they are working as well. I think I need to get them changed. 
But here are my two cards that I finished today. 

I will have to post the second one in a few minutes. I am having some problems
Well here is the second card I made.

- Recipe
Cuts - Nursery Tails
Gems - e. prima
Ribbon - my stash
Stamp - My Pink Stamper

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Not feeling good

Good Evening. Well looks like I will not be giving away my blog candy tonight. I am so sick.
Well, hello again. Did not get this blog post finished last night. I was not feeling good yesterday. My monthly monster came to visit and I was hurting really bad for about two days. Advil liquid gels and hot towels heated in the microwave helped after about two days. Yuck!!! Seems like it is getting worse each month.
I am sitting in the car right now waiting for 8:30 to come so I can take Piper to the groomers. I have to ride in with Dave because we only have the one car. But it is down right chilly. We should see snow either late tonight or sometime tomorrow. Garmisch finally got snow!!!! And it is supposed to snow there all this week. I have some live webcams I look at for pics there. This is the link if yup would like to look.
This is what the shopping street in Garmish looked like this morning. Not much snow but hopefully more by the time I get up there on the 11th.

This is a photo of the Zuigspitz this morning! It is usually very beautiful scene. Lol Looks like it is having a snow storm at the moment. The Zuigspitz is the highest mountain in Germany. I am hoping to go skiing there while I am in Garmisch. The wires that you see are the ski lifts.

But now back to scrapping. Here are a couple of cards I did get finished this weekend.

embossing folder Cricut
Snowflakes from my stash

Everything is from my stash.
Here is a digital scrapbook page I did as well.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hey there, it has been a few days since I last posted. I haven playing with my new Imagine. I have had a blast! It sure is a neat machine. I know I will enjoy playing with my Ecraft when they get the software updated. That is supposed to happen this Friday. I hope so. I have a few new cards that I have made that I will post pics of tomorrow. I want to hook my gypsy up to my imagine but I have no idea what the cable ends look like so I can do that. Lol Can anyone help me?
I ordered the old version of YourStory. I wanted something that would laminate and bind books. I want to make some cookbooks for family. I also ordered the scorpal and scorbuddy.
What has everyone else been working on? I would love to work on some other kinds of paper crafts but I do not know what I would do with it once I am done. I do not have any friends local here and family is all back in the US. I am not having a pity party, I just have no idea what I would do with it. lol
It is getting chilly here. Snow is in the forecast in 4 days. But I doubt that we will see any yet.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

It finally arrived!!!

Yippie!!!! I finally received my Imagine after a two month wait!!! I have it all set up and hopefully ready to use tomorrow. But I need to finish the 3 Christmas cards I was working on today but did not get finished. haha I am soooo pleased to finally get my toy. I also recieved the two new mats for my silhouette. Now I need to watch all the YouTube videos I can find for it.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

More cards and Blog Candy

I have been busy this weekend playing in my scrap room. Here are three more cards.
Also if you leave a comment you will be entered into the blog candy give away I am holding. I have a ton of stuff I have been saving for things like this so keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of months. This blog candy give away will include: a Spellbinder Impressabilities - Fleur De
Lis Pattern and a Ek Success edger punch - Petals. I will leave this open for a week. All you have to do is leave a comment on each day that I post. Then I will use the random number generator to pull the number of the winner. But you HAVE to leave a comment on each day I post this week. The drawing will end at 6pm my time on Sunday. I am in Germany as you know.
Ok here are the cards I did today with the recipe.

Teal card blank- ?
Fushia colored Fibers - The Paper Studio
Christmas Text - Holiday Time Sticker - Walmart
Gems - e. Prima
Purple Card Stock - Basis
Cuts - When Its Cold Outside Cricut
Glitter - Sugar Coating - Lily White Glitter

Cuts - Lacey Labels Cricut
Prima Flowers
Value Pack Card Blank
Bazzil Basis Card Stock - Pink
Prima Fairy Flora Paper

Value Card Blank
Prima Flowers
Green Card Stock - Me & My Big Ideas Paper Pack
Orange Card Stock - Colormates
Embossing Folder - Spring Flowers & Paisley - Sizzex - Stampin' Up
Gems - e. Prima
Inked Edges - Encore! Ultimate Metallic - Bronze
Cuts - Lacey Labels Cricut

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scrapbook Page Layout

Here is a page that I worked on today. It was of a trip my husband and I took to Darmstadt, Germany a few years ago. I would love to hear your thoughts about it.

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Good evening. I hope everyone's weekend is going as planned. I managed to get a few things done these past few days. I had a dr.s appt on Friday to pick up a prescription. After that I had an appointment for a hair cut and root touch up. I had it cut in a new style. It is a short bob that is stacked in the back and in the front there are whispy bits each side. It looks really cute. We then went shopping to pick up my niece's christmas gifts. I got the two eldest girls a Barbie doll and a couple of cute outfits, the youngest I got her a really cute baby doll. I am going to get the two boys a gift card each as I have no idea what to get them. I did not get any crafting done that night though.
Today, I managed to get a couple loads of laundry done. I also got a couple of cute cards done. I will post photos of them later tonight. I also ordered a few things I had been looking at for a while. I did a search and found a YourStory bundle priced pretty good. I bought it at a site that is called I paid $40.00 for the whole bundle. thought that was pretty good. I also got a bunch of scor pal products. I think that will be all my shopping for a while. haha

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

I did not get the surprise ready to post today. Sorry. I did managed to get all the cards I was working on finished today. I received two packages in the mail yesterday. One was a order I made from I got the American Crafts foil card stock, shimmer paint, 2 6 x 6 paper stacks, my free card for my ecraft cutter. I also received one of the two Imagine carts that I ordered from I was not too pleased they had me waiting on the two carts for nearly a month and a half. I called them last night to find out why I had not received both of them and they told me that the second one had not been shipped to them yet. I just happened to receive a email from them this morning stating that they just got notification that they would be shipped to them this week. That is just kinda hanky. I called about the cart that I did receive and they told me the exact same thing. So that just seems kinda fishy.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am so frustrated!!! I spent a good part of the day trying to figure out why my post your comments button is not showing up at the bottom of each post. I know some HTML coding but only enough to get myself into trouble!!! I was ready to toss the whole pc out the window. grrrr
But, I did get all my cards stamped and heat embossed on the inside. I also managed to assemble about half of them. I do not have any new cards or layouts to post today. But maybe tomorrow I will. Have a good evening.

Well I just looked and that button is there. Yippie!!! Now I can also post that I will have a surprise to post here tomorrow. So keep your eyes peeled.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Changes and more cards

I had a fairly busy weekend. I managed to get all the pieces cut out for my Christmas cards that I am going to send out. I also want to buy flat, wooden Christmas decoration to attach to the inside of each one. I thought that would be a cool idea.
I will also post a picture here of a recipe card I made for a swap I am in.
I also did some actual scrapbook pages this weekend. I have not done any of that in a couple of years. is cold here today. I think our high was 37. But we are supposed to warm up to about 45 by mid week.
A funny thing happened to me on Saturday. I gave my Mum a call we were talking for a few minutes when her friend decided she wanted to leave, mum said I am going to put the phone down to see her out. Well, I then heard my sister in law and my niece come in. They must have sat down at the table to talk for a few minutes. I heard her singing a cute song about pumpkins with my niece, talking to my sister in law about a fender bender she had been in, all the while I am whistling and saying "Mum,mum,mum" lol She had put the phone down and forgot she was talking to me. I sat on the phone for about 10 mins listening to her talk thinking that she will remember that she laid the phone down. Nope!! Lol So I hung up, watched a couple of tv shows, then tried to call her back, it was STILL busy!!! So I looked for my address book with all my phone numbers that were in it. Could not find it. Grrrr Had to get on the net and look up my friends phone number so she could call my mums cell phone. She did that and found out that my mum was not even at home! She had gone out to hobby lobby to get some wool that was on sale. Lol Ditzy mother!!!!

Cut file from Paperthreads
Assorted stickles
Cardstock: white Stardream, dark red-stardream,the rest is Basis?
Ran all the elements through my Xyron to make it easier for attaching to the card

Pie cut file: silhouette card stock - stardream, card shape, used glossy accents to attach Martha Stewart micro beads- silhouette, card stock from my stash. I did a print and cut with the actual recipe card, flourish from Silhouette, card was inked using momento ink
Santa - digital scrapbook element printed and cut with my silhouette,red stickles added to his hat,
Stickers - my stash

This is a pretty village in england.
I used the Storybook cart for the font and the flourish
The mats were made with the Martha Stewart border buck and corner edger
Hope you like what I have done.

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Friday, November 5, 2010


I have been busy today. I managed to get all the laundry done. I also cut out all the pieces for my Christmas cards. That means I cut out 20 of everything!!! That took nearly all day. Plus I wore out my mat for the silhouette. Thank goodness I have a couple more ordered. I have been using that one for over a year!!!!
I also managed to get a few cards made.

Recipe: generic card blank
Purple stardream paper
Cut file: Paperthreads
Pearls: Prima
Yellow Stickles

Recipe: generic blank card form
Yellow stardream paper
Pink flower: my stash
Colored balls: Martha Stewart Micro Glass Beads

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cards worked on

I was yet again trying to figure out how to work with my ecraft. I thought that I had it yesterday. But started trying to cut stuff out and it started to tear the paper again. I am not going to give up with it yet. Haha I am seriously hoping that the new update with the software will help out with a lot of my problems.
I then went back to using my baby bug and the new make the cut software. I cut out a few really neat cards with files I had bought from Their prices are pretty good. And the files seem to be clean and easy to cut. I also surfed the net for Simeon more different .svg files to buy. I found a bunch on several different sites. I will post their addresses in the next day or so.
I also finally broke down and paid for a six month subscription to the new Cricut magazine put out by
Here are some cards that I have been working on the past few days. I will try to list the recipe for each one.

Recipe: Background Paper: Die Cuts With A View Winter Glitter Stack
Stickers: my stash
Border Punch : Martha Stewart

Recipe: purple background paper - stardream
Patterned paper - my stash
Stickers - my stash

Recipe - purple cardstock - stardream
Blue cardstock - my stash cut with my silhouette
Stickers - dragonfly my stash sentiments - Sticker King

Yellow Cardstock my stash
Purple paper - stardream
Pink paper - stardream
Dragon - cut file from
Ink - Momento
Pearls - Prima

Recipe: pink card stock - starddream
Striped paper - my stash
Nestability die
Fairy Godmother -
Stickers - my stash

Recipe: purple and green card stock -
Die cuts - files from Lettering Delights
Gems - Prima

Recipe: Pink and White cardstock - stardream
Gems- Prima
Sticker- my stash

If anyone has any questions please email me at

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well after spending the day trying to figure out the new cutter and software, I think I might have it figured out. I wasted a ton of paper trying to figure out the settings. I found that most papers need a cardstock stabilizer. I hope when they send out the new update later this month it will clear up a lot of the problems that the cutting software has. I managed to cut a few cards with some thin paper. I want to they to see if it will cut my star dream card stock. None of my other cutters has been able to. It is so thick. But it is only 8 1/2 x11 size paper. I am not sure if the ecraft can cut that. I think it can I just need to figure it out.

I just got a few pics of my nieces in their Halloween costumes. They all went as southern belles. They were so adorable. I will include some pics of them.

This Chloe...she is my biological niece. She is such a sweetheart.

This is Haley. She is my brother's girlfriend's oldest daughter.

And this is Chessa the youngest girl.
They are all super cute!!! Can you tell I am a proud Aunty???? Haha

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Hello after a long time

Good morning! This is the first time I have posted in a longggg time. I hope to try to keep this updated more often.

I just received my new Ecraft cutter. I think I am going to like it. It cuts 12 x 12 paper and I can use the included software to import my .svg files and cut them. Yippie!!! I got the pink one and wow!!! It is in your face pink!!! Lol I like it.
I am hoping my son has mailed me my other new cutter, the Cricut Imagine. That should be fun to use as well. I have a few cartridges coming to use with that.
I just finished working on a recipe swap I am in. I think my page turned out really cute. It is for a quick and simple key lime pie. I will take a pic of it and post it here. I now need to start on my Christmas cards that I am going to send out. I am also hoping to make both of the boys a cookbook for Christmas.

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