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Saturday, November 27, 2010

On the way!!!

Well, we are in the bus on our way to the Netherlands and Belgium. It is snowy out today. The temp on the bus says it is -1c outside!!! Everything looks really pretty outside. I love going to the Christmas markets. This is one of my favorite times during the year. The evergreen pines with the snow laying gently on the branches, the wonderful smells, and sights. Winter seems to have hit early this year. Last year we did not see snow until into the middle of Janurary.
The sun is just starting to come up. It is really pretty as it hits the new fallen snow. All the cars on the road have their snow blankets on the top of the roofs. I like when you look across the valley and all the hills and valleys are coveted in snow. It so makes me think of the holidays.
I have my camera with me and promise to get a bunch of photos to post.
Everyone have a great day!

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