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Monday, October 12, 2009

All Packed and ready

Ok I am ready and all packed up. Not looking forward to the long flight though. Ugh!!! My suitcase is all packed and kinda heavy. LOL Picked up a few bags of gummies and some chocolates for the kids. Got my MIL a really pretty lace bookmark. And Dave's cousin a bag of good german coffee. Have to leave the house around 11 to make the flight on time.
Think I got the malware cleaned off my pc but the display is still not quite right but I ran out of time to continue to work on it.
I am looking forward to seeing the kids. And getting the dogs back. Just not to see my MIL. She just does not make me feel really welcome in the house. Does nothing special when I come. Does not go out of her way to help me out or anything. Oh well.


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