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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not much accomplished today!

Well...did not get much accomplished today. Sat here in front of the pc most of the day flipping through photos on photo sites that I post to. I did get a few pics edited. I will post them on here. We also got up and went up on post to get the oil changed in the car. We were going to go out to the Hornbach ( a german Home Depot place) but found out that today is a holiday here in Germany and that all the shops are closed. Well....shucks! I needed to pick up a picture frame and 3 new flower pots. Will have to wait another day. I did find out that there is a shop on post that will look at my pc and install the new power supply. I am hoping that is all that is wrong with it. I blew out the power supply the first time I hooked it up here. I forgot to switch it over to 220 instead of 110. So I am hoping that I did not blow up the whole darn pc!!! LOL I really need that one. It has nearly 500 gigs worth of stuff on it! LOL

That is a antibellum home in Natchez, Mississippi. Took it before we moved this summer.

That is the sunset on the beach at Panama City, Florida. I took that on one of my trips to visit my folks this past summer.

This is a magnolia blossom that I did as a black and white photo.


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