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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Family squabbles

Don't you just love them? I called my MIL last night to check on her because of the fire in Sierra Vista and to let her know that we put her birthday package in the mail. All she did was yell at me because my youngest owes her $200 for two months rent. She called them trash. That really hurt. Since she thinks they are trash that must mean I am trash as well because I raised them. Every time we call all she can do is bitch and complain. I hung up on her and went to bed in tears. My kids are good boys they just do not dance on attendance for her. Every one I talk to tells me that they have good manners. They are her damn can she say that about them? We have bent over backwards to help her over the years! I bet we have spent over $50 thousand on her or the house but did we get a single word of thanks? No. She has always belittled me over the years. I am so upset about this. I called my eldest, Rob last night and he was in the process of helping a friend's parents evacuate because of the Monument fire outside of Sierra Vista. My husband has a cousin that owns a house in the area that has been evacuated. We are not sure of the status of it yet.
And to top it off my Mom is in the hospital to repair a botched knee replacement that she had done two years to the day ago. I worry about her. She does not do well with the anesthesia or pain meds. She starts talking gibberish, drops off to sleep in the middle of a word or forgets everything. It is almost like she has alzhiemers. So I am worried about her as well.

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shersl84bed said...

Something is wrong when a grandma calls her own grandkids trash. Why are your children living with her? Sounds like its time for them to move out.

Michelle said...

Yeah, they have both moved out now. The youngest was the last one to move out 3 months ago.

Linda Peterson said...

Wow, you sure have a lot going on. I will pray that everything turns around for the better, for you and your family. Your son sounds like he is a very good person--helping someone in need. MIL's are interesting people. We take my MIL out for breakfast each Sunday and it is always very "entertaining".

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