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Monday, May 16, 2011

Frankfurt Zoo and New Cards

I had a enjoyable weekend. We took the train from Wiesbaden to Frankfurt to the Zoo on Saturday. We had a really good day for it. The sun was shining nearly all day. We did get a couple of drops of rain later in the day but other than that it was gorgeous. I really enjoy riding the train. It is fun to people watch. :-) I packed a nice lunch of sandwiches and fresh strawberries in Dave's backpack for us to eat. It was nice to sit down mid day and take a break. Lol It had been awhile since I had taken my camera out for any photos. I had to remember to do stuff on it. My first few photos were not very good. hahaha I will be posting a photo of the trip on each of my posts for a while. I still need to sit and edit most of my pics I took. But I did do a few.
I am also posting a few of my cards I have been working on.

And one more for a bit. :-)

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Anonymous said...

I am so honored to be on your blog...Thank you so much for your amazing comment you left on mine....these cards you created are SO pretty!! I LOVE the floral one!!!! Pretty Pretty Pretty!!!

Carla said...

Your floral card is so pretty! I am a follower, won't you follow me?

St. Petersburg Cricut CutUp (Veronika) said...

Love your blog and cards. Wow you were close to my hometown I am from Coburg east of Frankfurt. Still have 2 Sisters there wich I have not seen in years. I envy you being there. Enjoy. Germany is a great place to visit.

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