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Monday, May 23, 2011

E2 Arrived!!!!

Here is a photo of my new E2. Yippie!!! It is sooooo pretty. This is also a photo of my Imagine, my Pazzles, and my E2. Grin I am so lucky to be able to own these great cutting machines. But I sure wish I had some friends that I could share them with. Maybe when I get back to the states.

Here is also a photo of my SUPER messy desk. I think I need to do some major clean up!!!! LOL

I tried to make an appointment today to get a refill on my ADD meds but the soonest I can get one is June 13. Yikes!! I only have enough meds to last till Thursday. I need to talk to the doc about changing my perscription. It is costing me $400 a month for those damn things!!!!! They took my number and said something about setting up a teleconference to talk with a doc on another base. I will call back tomorrow to see what they have to say.

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