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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rainy Day!

We have had nothing but rain today thanks to Fay! LOL So I have spent the day cleaning! Yuck! First started out in the garage and the attic since it was cooler. Did not get it all done but got a good portion done. Sorted out a bunch of stuff to put up for sale on ebay. Mostly fabric and craft stuff. Then moved on to my scrap room. Sorted out my clear stamps. I bought a bunch of clear cd cases and put them all in there. Just need to make labels for each case. I also made a ribbon storage out of a old clear plastic make up case. Did not want to spend the money on a Pull Ez. So made my own. Wow! Did not realise I had sooo much ribbon. I have too much for just one case. So going to have to buy another so I can finish that up. Cleaned up my desk and I can acutally see the top of it! hahaha. Need to sort out my card stock and my paper scraps then I will be done with that. Got a lot done today! Now I might feel inclined to do some scrapping or stamping! hahaha Hate doing any crafts when my room is a mess. Can not find anything.


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