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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Drs visit

Ugh! Spent half the day going to the docs. I had a PT appointment at 1 this afternoon. So Dave left me the car and rode the harley into work. I get to the appt on time and the door is closed and locked....Ugh! My next appointment is not until 3:20. So I walk over to the park and sit and read for a couple hours in the chilly breeze. brrr....I only had a short sleeve top on. lol I then wander around the shops also till my appointment. Sure is a pain in the butt only having ONE car! By the time I get to my appt....finally, my shoulder is REALLY killing me. I have been lugging around my huge purse with my book and camera in it for hours! I am really getting tired of my shoulder always hurting. This time he gave me 6 shots in my shoulder!!!!! Damn! They hurt!!!!! I also asked for a perscription for something to kill the pain. I sure wish I could get into a appt on the base and see a american doc. I am thinking there is something more wrong than just inflamed nerves. But that is all he keeps saying! I just hate hurting all the time. It is there like a toothache that will not go away. I hate to complain all the time but it HURTS! I can not even take pics properly because I can not raise that arm all the way up to hold my camera to my eye.
Not sure how I am going to get this perscription filled. I am going to have to go into a German pharmacy(apotake) and get it done. But I have no idea how much euro to bring with me. Most places over here do not take Visa! They use what is called a EC card. But you have to have a german account for that.
Well....I got 3 cards finished this morning before I left. But I do not feel like working on anything else. I am going to go upstairs and curl up on the couch for the night.


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