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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Drs visit

Ugh! Spent half the day going to the docs. I had a PT appointment at 1 this afternoon. So Dave left me the car and rode the harley into work. I get to the appt on time and the door is closed and locked....Ugh! My next appointment is not until 3:20. So I walk over to the park and sit and read for a couple hours in the chilly breeze. brrr....I only had a short sleeve top on. lol I then wander around the shops also till my appointment. Sure is a pain in the butt only having ONE car! By the time I get to my appt....finally, my shoulder is REALLY killing me. I have been lugging around my huge purse with my book and camera in it for hours! I am really getting tired of my shoulder always hurting. This time he gave me 6 shots in my shoulder!!!!! Damn! They hurt!!!!! I also asked for a perscription for something to kill the pain. I sure wish I could get into a appt on the base and see a american doc. I am thinking there is something more wrong than just inflamed nerves. But that is all he keeps saying! I just hate hurting all the time. It is there like a toothache that will not go away. I hate to complain all the time but it HURTS! I can not even take pics properly because I can not raise that arm all the way up to hold my camera to my eye.
Not sure how I am going to get this perscription filled. I am going to have to go into a German pharmacy(apotake) and get it done. But I have no idea how much euro to bring with me. Most places over here do not take Visa! They use what is called a EC card. But you have to have a german account for that.
Well....I got 3 cards finished this morning before I left. But I do not feel like working on anything else. I am going to go upstairs and curl up on the couch for the night.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Trip along the Rhein river in Germany

This is a trip we took by car on Saturday. We are really trying to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather. I know it will be ending REALLY soon. LOL

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Limburg Germany and blog candy!!!!

It was so pretty this afternoon that hubby and I took off on the harley for a ride to Limburg. Really pretty ride! It was through the mountains. Limburg is one of the best preserved villages with timber framed houses. As soon as I get done editing my pics I will post a slide show of them. I noticed though that the lens had a smudge on it. So most of the pics will have a blurry area on them. :-( grrrr

I am also working on a bunch of cards to send back to my Mom so she can try to sell them at any of the craft fairs that she goes to. She makes stained glass pieces to sell.

My shoulder is still killing me! I do not think the shots or the PT is doing any good. I will mention it on Tuesday when I go back for more.

I want to thank the people that have started to follow my blog. IF I get enough followers...300. I will give away some blog candy. Three containers of flower soft and a suprise!

New Designers??

I am also looking for anyone that might be interested in sharing or showing off your creations on my blog as well. I would love to do a weekly post on a new creation with all the photos or steps plainy written out especially for the newbies or beginners to scrappin or card making. If anyone is interested please let me know.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ok here is a link to views of my new scraproom.
Image hosted by
by sspryte

Long time no post!

Ok I am back now! LOL I have moved once again! I am now back in Germany. We will be here for 3-5 years. Then we are heading back to Mississippi. Unless something else comes along. We are nearly settled in our new place. Just have a few more boxes that Dave has to empty and put away.
I will be flying back to the US Oct 13th to pick up Piper and Shadow. We left them with the boys so we could get settled here first. It will be nice to have the dogs around to keep me company during the day. I need to find some work again as well. I have applied for a few jobs but I doubt that I will get them.
I have set up my scraproom here. This room is huge! I was able to purchase a expedit shelving system from Ikea for here. I also want to get a Trofast unit as well. I think we have decided to redo the garage in MS as my scraproom and build Dave another when we get back. I will post a link to some photos of it next time.
We have had the house on the market to sell but have decided to pull it off and just use it as a rental until we get back. Hopefully we will be able to rent it out for enough to cover at least the mortgage payment.
Well we are going out for the day. I am all ready. Just waiting on David to get his shower and then we can go. This is the first time we have had to just get out and explore since we moved back. It will be nice. I will take my camera with me of course and get a bunch of photos.