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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

Here are my thoughts about the wonderful wedding that just occurred. I wrote this as it was all occurring.

Poor Prince Harry still looks like a little kid. He has the typical ruddy british complexion unlike his brother. His hair looks mussed. Both look like they will have bald spots like Dad, Prince Charles. William looks very handsome in his uniform. Harry looked slightly nervous, kept wringing his hands. Looked like he did not quite know what to do. But he looked very proud. Loved all the beautiful hats. Very colorful guests. It will be a very moving ceremony. I am proud to be half English right at this moment. Love all the ceremonial military uniforms. I wish I could have actually been there. It would have been something to tell our grandchildren. No beautiful carriages at the beginning of the ceremony. Mother of the bride is very elegant in pale blue. Looks very tailored and understated. Brother looked very good with a purple? pink tie and pale yellow vest. Did not see Sarah Fergesson in the cars with the girls. Was that a snub? Do not see much of the extended royal family. Nice to see them all together.
Prince Charles rode in a beautiful car that was given to the queen for her birthday while she was still a princess. Queen very beautiful In a bright cheery yellow suit and matching hat. Very elegant. Bridesmaids all look very adorable as they get into their cars. Very pretty outfit in champagne colors was worn by Camilla. prince Charles looks very imposing in his military uniforms. Think he is looking better as he ages. The queen looks like she is shrinking as she gets older. Loved the trumpeters that piped her in. Very reminiscent of the older years. Very happy smile on the queen's face. You can tell she really aproves of this marriage. Cathrine looks like it will be a victorian style veil from what we can tell from the little bit we can see as she gets in. Very Lacey gown. Long sheer sleeves that button at the cuff. Sheer lace top half. Very beautiful. Very very beautiful bride. Veil is very sheer and delicate, long flowing glossy brunette hair. Very dainty tiara is holding the veil. Tiny tear drop earrings accent her elegant neck. Long long veil. Bridesmaids and page boys are sooo adorable. Pippa is very elegant in a cream white close fitting gown. Kate's gown has sheer lace across the shoulders and sleeves, into a cream sweetheart neckline that is lined. She makes a beautiful bride. But all girls do. Makes you think of Grace Kelly....very elegant. Arriving at the screams of adoration. Sarah burton designer of the gown. Beautiful ivory satin skirt and long train. Tiara loaned to her by the queen. Lace edging on the sheer veil. Serene, calm bride. Very moving ceremony. Nice smile on William as he walks down the aisle to meet his bride. Kate's dad looks extremely proud as he gently walks his daughter down the isle. Very,very reminiscent of Grace Kelly. Very elegant, very understated. did not try to compete with the wedding of prince Charles and Diana.
Prince Harry turning and looking back at the bride gave a quick smile of encouragement. Couple looks very relaxed at the alter. Lots of smiles. Very beautiful and royal.
Love the little boys singing, such clear voices. Loved the national anthem, nearly brought me to tears.
Here they come after signing the register. Wonder how many trumpeters stood on that same balcony over the years? Quick grin from prince William as he walks his bride down the aisle. He has Diana's beautiful smile. Enormous grin on Kate. Now comes the carriage ride. Fairytale ending for a fairy tail romance and wedding. She is a very elegant bride and wife. The ivory dress is a wonderful foil for her cream skin and dark hair. They both are going to bring a breath of fresh air to the monarchy. They look relaxed and composed, and confident as compared to Charles and Diana's wedding. holding hands during the carriage ride.

Beautiful young couple stands and greets the world on the balcony of buckingham palace. The kiss!!! Amazing couple. Littlest flower girl standing there with her hands over her ears. It looks like it is a bit much for her.
I know you can tell how enchanted I have been to have watched the proceedings. Everyone may not agree with my thoughts. You may not even want to read about it. But they are my thoughts.

Here is a photo that I snagged off of the MSNBC website. One of my favorites.

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