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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pazzle and Make The Cut

Hey how cool!!!! Andy made a plugin for the Pazzle and Make TheCut!!!! I am doing the happy dance here. And I do not even have my cutter yet!!! lol I have just downloaded it and installed it. Did not have any problems at all. Make The Cut is a great piece of software. Andy puts so much time and effort into making something that is fantastic for all of us crafters. He tries to make it compatible with nearly all the cutters on the market. I like that because there is such a great variety of them available. If you have a project in mind then there is a cutter out there that will cut it. I am not a retailer of his software, I am just a end user that is so pleased to have a company out there that actually listens to it's users. I have only just scratched the surface with this software but I am going to take the plunge and try to learn some more of the complicated steps. There is a user group out there that is just full of tutorials on how to do just about anything with it.
Here is the link to it
Make the cut user group
And here is a link to all the plugins that Andy has made for his software. Make sure you are running the latest version before installing them.
Make the cut plugins

Hope you enjoy.

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Sharalee said...

I love my Pazzles machine but Make The Cut looks a lot like the software Pazzles already comes with.

You can effectively void your machine warranties using other outside software unless it is approved by the cutter you use it on. I've never seen this mentioned on the Pazzles site or their forums. Just something to keep in mind.

Congrats though on getting a cutting machine.

Michelle said...

Pazzle approved the software to use with it. They gave Andy permission to create the plugin to use with the inspiration. Can you use .svg files with the software that comes with the cutter? I do not think so. That is why I like the plugin. Because you can then use them with the Pazzle.

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