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Friday, July 29, 2011


I bought a teach yourself how to crochet kit. It finally arrived in the mail yesterday. I want to try to make a blanket for my husband for Christmas. If I can learn I can work on it during the day while he is at work. But I sure wish I knew someone who could help me out if I have questions or problems. I need to pick up a light colored skine of yarn so I can start next week. Wish me luck!!!! hahaha

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Denise said...

Michelle, I love your blog. I also love to stamp - cards, tags, bottles, candles, if it does't run away from me, I'll stamp on it. You have a great talent - your items are beautiful!
I also crochet. I do more items to give away such as baby blankets and hats but it is such fun.
I will be following your blog on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing your talents!

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