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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I really hate this temporary feeling. I go to start something and then think, no I should not do that because we might be moving. Dave has been applying for jobs for about 18 months now. We wanted to bring the boys and Robs girlfriend out for Christmas last year. But we kept putting off buying the tickets because we were hoping to be out of here and by the time we decided that we were not, they were wayyyy too expensive. Or, I just bought a few new clothes off the clearance racks and would like to wear them but I am putting that off till we see if anything comes of this job interview. I always like to move and start out in a new place with a couple of new outfits. You can not plan any vacations too far in the future because we keep hoping we might get out of here. I really hate this feeling of temporary living. I have not hung much on the walls here because I do not want to patch tons of holes because we are just renting. I keep buying nice stuff for our house for when we quit moving. Just have it in boxes. You can not throw away any boxes that stuff comes in because you know are just going to have to pack it back up again in a short while. I have a attic FULL of empty boxes!!! We can not buy much heavy furniture because we have to worry about being overweight in our household goods when the military comes to pack and ship us out again. This is just getting really old!!!!

Sorry, just had to vent.

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Anonymous said...

I know the temporary feeling all too well. We are not in the military, but my husband and I moved to Hong Kong 15years first we were supposed to be here for 2-3years, then it turned into 4...5...6...and so forth, staying here on a year by year basis not knowing when we might get sent back...or if business was bad, when my husband would lose his job....and now after 15 years we are moving back to Colorado...home...we gave our 2 year notice, 2 years ago....and so this is a good move for us. But I know the feeling of not knowing whether or not to start something...not knowing how long we would be I just took the attitude that I would start and if i couldn't finish no big deal...and I am glad I did that cause I have 15 years of great experiences. take care Mary in Hong Kong

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