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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Interview time and when it rains it pours!!!!

I am sitting in the car in the parking lot waiting for my docs appt. I had to come in to work with Dave. It was really icey outside this morning!!! The ground was like a ice rink. Shadow would NOT go outside to do his business before we left this morning.
Dave's interview is set for 6pm tomorrow our time. So he will be stuck on base till after then.
I just found out from our tenet in Mississippi that there is a 6' wide 2' deep sink hole in the side yard of the house. And this is on top of having to spend $200 to replace the gas logs in the house. Damn, every time we turn around lately there is something that needs to be replaced. Let's see what we have replaced so far, garbage disposal, garage door opener, pool pump and leaf bag. Damn!!!!!

But my new pc, speakers, replacement gypsy, and four new Cricut carts arrived two days ago. It was like Christmas all over again. I will start posting pics of all the projects that I have accomplished in the next day or so. Yippie. I know you are prob tired of reading about all my life probes and just want to see some crafts!!!! hahahaha

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Love That Bug said...

So sorry about the sink hole, and wow that is a big one. I hope everything works out for your hubby.
Congrats on getting your new toys

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