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Monday, January 31, 2011

Itchy,red face

Ugh!!!! I finally gave up. My poor face is so red it looks like I have a sunburn. And it is all over my face. It itches like a thousand red ants are attacking it!!!! And if I do not keep baby oil on it, it looks like alligator skin. I made an appointment for me to go into the docs on Thursday. It is driving me nuts! I have tried using hydrocortisone cream to help with the itch and it helps a tiny bit. But is still driving me bonkers. It just feels like my face is a mask. I have never had much trouble with my skin except for the occasional break out. Grrrrrrr!!!! Anyone want to trade faces??? lol

I did manage to get three scrap pages done. They turned out really nice. I use the paper by making memories called blue awning. Sure wish I could post pics of them. I will once my new pc gets here.

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Nicki said...

OK LOL I can't believe that I'm posting a comment again. I just did in the interview post. I don't normally comment on personal stuff, but here goes. Try not to use the hydrocortisone on your face. I have eczema and rosacea on my face. Kicked in when I turned 30 and got progressively worse. What an insult, huh? :) The Dr. said that the hydrocortisone will thin the skin on your face.. whatever the heck that means. The have special medications to facial use so that you don't have to used hydrocortisone.

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