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Thursday, January 27, 2011


I have been diagnosed with ADD for years now. It is not fun!!! I am just getting so fed up with it. I still can not seem to concentrate even with the meds I am on. It takes me forever to get a scrap page layout done. As much as I want to sit and play I can not seem to. I keep hoping up and doing something else or just procrastinate (sp). I am just fed up with it!!! I really wish I could be like a normal person and get stuff done. My doc recently changed the meds I am on to a stronger variety and it does not seem to have helped at all. And this crap is not cheap! I keep putting off contacting my health insurance about filing over a years worth of med and pharmacy bills. Right now we pay them all out of pocket and then we are supposed to file them with the insurance and they will reimburse us (if the meds are on their approved list). I am just not sure what to do. I hate not being able to get stuff done. Right now I know I have laundry in both the dryer and washer and it has been there since yesterday afternoon. Ugh. This is so frustrating. Does anyone else have ADD?

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Love That Bug said...

Hi Michelle,
I have never been diagnosed with it, but I would swear I have it. I cannot seem to still, always changing things around, and constantly thinking about what I can do next. It is really aggravating.
I would definatly call the insurance company, before the bills get to high.
Give your new meds a few days to kick in, and if you dont see a change, contact your doctor again.
Many prayers & hugs

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