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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well, we kinda got some good news. Hubby has been applying for jobs for over a year and half and has never had a interview. He had a email in his box at work this morning saying that someone would like to set up a interview with him for next week sometime. The job is in Alexandria VA. It would also give him a grade increase from a GS12 to a GS14. He can do that because he has had job experience at the 13 level already. It would get us back to the US and him back on the career track. While we are here in Germany that is going no where......FAST! lol So I have been sitting here searching for homes in that area. To find something like we are looking at though he would end up having to do a hour or more commute. Yuck! I have not looked to see what kind of Scrapbooking stuff is out there yet. But the one bad thing is that VA gets WINTER!!!! lol

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Love That Bug said...

I wish your hubby the best for his interview. You are right, Virginia does get winter. However, I think everyone got some kind of winter this year. I am in Florida, and it has been unusually cold here. Luckily today it is 65 degrees and sunny

Michelle said...

Thanks Stacy!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed. Hey my family live in Fla. Panama City in fact.

Nicki said...

Hey I just popped on your site. I live right above Alexandria, VA. There are a few scrapbook stores, but not a whole lot to be honest. I think there is a store called paper source right in old town alexandria, one in Reston (I've never been to) and one in Chantilly. You can pull those up on a map.

Also, I'm originally from Southern CA & came to this area when hubby to a gov. job. So I know what you mean about the winters. Can't really say that I've gotten used to them, but the worst is really just jan and Feb. Most of the worst winter weather bounces over us for some reason. I think it has to do with all the hot air that gets blown in DC. LOL

If you have any questions about No. VA please email me. Its been 10 years but I still remember what it is like to pull up roots and transplant to a new town. I think you can access my email address from my post. ? if not ask for me on the silhouette yahoo group.

Tell your husband good luck on his interview.

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