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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New PC

Well my pc finally gave up the ghost the other day. Ugh. But I did manage to get everything saved off, I think. Dave also told me to go ahead and order a new one. Yippie!!! So I did and it is in shipment now. Hoping it will be here next week. This one should be faster. It has a much better processor and much much more ram!! It will also have a 1tb hard drive. I still need to buy a new copy of office 2010 so I can update my outlook and such. But I am thrilled!!!!
I also found out that my ecraft cutter will be updating the software package in the next day or so. Also that they are also working with Make the Cut and Sure Cuts A lot software packages as well. So it will soon be compatible with them. I am REALLY thrilled about that!!!! My ecraft has been sitting unused on my counter for months and months waiting for new updated software. Ugh! Now I might even be able to start using it.

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Love That Bug said...

Glad to hear your new PC is on its way.

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