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Monday, January 24, 2011

Dry Skin

My face is so itchy. I have just started seeing dry, irritated, itchy patches on my face. It is also starting to spread. Yuck. It right above my eyebrows, down the right hand side of my face by my eye and into my hairline, also on each side of my nose and some on my cheek bones. It just feels so dry and tight. I am starting to kinda worry. I keep trying to keep lotion on my face. I apply it quite a few times during the day but it does not seem to help much. Ugh!

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Location:Breslauer Stra├če,Bad Schwalbach,Germany


Love That Bug said...

I hear ya about the dry skin. I would try to put the lotion while your skin is still damp straight from the shower. That seems to work for me.

De said...

Michelle, sorry you have been having health and computer problems, and do hope you are on the mend, and that you will soon have a new computer.
It's Australia Day here today. I will spend the day crafting, watching the tennis (Australian Open) and doing some genealogy.

Michelle said...

Enjoy your day De!!!! And thanks.

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